DATINGGOLD - партнерская программа для монетизации трафика с помощью дейтинг сайтов.


Формат: Adult партнерки, Dating

Выплаты: Минимальная сумма для вывода средств - 50 долларов. Выплаты осуществляются дважды в месяц через Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer или банковским чеком.


Партнеру предлагаются следующие типы сотрудничества: CPA, CPL, CPS и RevShare. За продажу выплачивают 75 usd; размер выплат по Revenue Share - 65%. Поддерживаются мобильные устройства на iOS и Android.

В программе имеется более 10-ти офферов. Для работы партнеру предоставляют широкий выбор настраиваемых промо-материалов, включая баннеры и кнопки, а так же лендинги. Есть подробная статистика по трафику и выплатам. Доступна техническая поддержка; партнеру прикрепляют личного менеджера.

Правила участия

Запрещены СПАМ, фрод, распространение вредоносного ПО и использование warez-контента. К сотрудничеству не принимаются сайты с противозаконным контентом. Чтобы начать работу, необходимо пройти регистрацию на сайте и дождаться подтверждения аккаунта на указанную эл. почту.

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 · 24.01.22
Ваш отзыв
This is a story about how datinggold affiliate program cheats its webmasters and blocks accounts without explanation.
We started to work with datinggold from 17.08.21 to 31.08.21. We contacted the manager Brandon and went through the standard stage of registration.
After discussing some conditions, dgbrandon99 offered us 2 offers:
ZoomHookups, OnlyFlings
During our work, the manager was satisfied with our traffic and communicated in a friendly way. We have only quality seo traffic, through Keitaro we cut off bots and a non-target audience. The user from google search at once gets to the sites of the dating gold.
By the time of payment, manager dgbrandon99 blocked our personal account without the right to receive earned money explaining that it is a violation of U.S. law.
For seo traffic this is a common story, it's strange when there are not any complaints. DMCA can come from competitors just for the position, there is not really need some cool proofs to complain.
For our part, we usually just remove such pages / or part of the content if it suddenly arrives so that admins are not particularly nervous. Trying to solve the problem, we got no answers. The manager ignored our messages.
During this period, we earned $800. The money, we earned on traffic, was not paid to us.
We do not recommend cooperating with Datinngold. We consider that they behave unprofessionally. They do not try to solve the problem and ignore it by blocking the cabinet and ignoring our correspondence. Such actions suggest that Datinngold seems to be scammers who communicate and work with you until the first payment.
Screenshots from the personal account did not do because they had blocked us and the personal account was no longer available only correspondence in Skype left.
We hope that this post will bring some light to the actions of this affiliate program, and we will be able to help other webmasters by warning them about the risks.
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